UPDATE: New Surveillance Photo Suggests Doddy Is In Rockford


UPDATE (7/3/14): Illinois State Police have released three new photos, one of which includes a surveillance photo of Doddy walking out of a Rockford store.

The store appears to be a Walmart.  The Rockford area has three Walmarts, so it's not clear which one he was at.  Police have also released a picture of Bargman's Nissan Altima, which was stolen after she was killed.  Police say there is a silver colored "Illini Nissan" decal located at the rear bumper of the vehicle.

Police also believe Doddy may be in possession of a blue dome styled camping tent.

UPDATE (2:43pm): Investigators identify the I-39 murder victim as 44 year-old Tonya Bargman of Monticello.

UPDATE (2:14pm): Rockford Police Deputy Chief Dave Hopkins says Doddy may have returned to the Rockford area.  Hopkins urges anyone if they see Doddy or the vehicle to not approach, but to call police.

UPDATE (12:17pm): Illinois State Police say a woman was attacked at the Willow Creek Rest Stop.  Surveillance video shows the victim left a bathroom and was attacked by a male suspect.  Investigators consider Doddy as a person of interest.

Doddy was seen leaving the rest stop in the woman's car, a gray 2013 Nissan Altima, license plate number BARGMN2.  Anyone with information is urged to call 911 or ISP Zone 2 at 815-632-4010.

UPDATE (7/2/14): Illinois State Police is investigating a murder at the Willow Creek Rest Stop along I-39 in Paw Paw.  It happened Tuesday evening.  Doddy is considered a suspect in that case.  State Police have contacted Rockford Police to help with their investigation.

ROCKFORD - This is 36-year old Terence Doddy who is now the top suspect in Monday’s homicide investigation at Rockford’s QVSM call center. Deputy Chief Hopkins of the Rockford Police Department said he they are now on a manhunt for the suspect. "Mr. Doddy served us as a person of interest very quickly, and information came together, enough to issue a warrant for his arrest."

Doddy allegedly murdered his friend 37-year old Todd Hansmeier, who was one of the insurance agents for the call center.  The murder took place inside of Doddy's office, where he allegedly killed Hansmeier through blunt force trauma to the head and neck. He then allegedly poured gasoline on Hansmeier’s body to try and cover up the evidence. Sue Fiduccia, the Winnebago County coroner said that she suspected foul play after examining the body.  "The perpetrator was apparently intending to destroy evidence, and to destroy the evidence by pouring an accelerant, in this case gasoline on the body."

Steve Korn owns the call center and says that Doddy worked at QVSM for seven years and never caused any problems.  "He has worked with us so well for so many years and yet this happens, there's a dark side to people that you don't know." Call center employees say that a drug deal may have sparked the murder. Steve Korn, QVSM call center owner: "That is what we've been hearing more and more about drug use." Said Korn.

A hazmat team has been working to clean the call center of the blood and other bodily fluids. Daymon Felder, a member of the hazmat team said “Everything was pretty much contained to, as far as our clean up is concerned, to one room."

Korn says that he is working to get his business back and running soon. "Step-by-step we're going to get the office back up in place, we have limited operations going on now, and we expect to be back in full operations starting next Monday."

An arrest warrant for murder, three counts with a bond of one million dollars has been issued for 36-year old Terence Doddy of Rockford in connection with the death of Mr. Hansmeier.  Mr. Doddy is also wanted on an aggravated domestic battery warrant with a bond of $100,000. Mr. Doddy is believed to be in possession of Mr. Hansmeier’s Black 2011 Chevrolet Cruze with Illinois registration l-611935.  If either Mr. Doddy or the vehicle is observed do not approach.  Call police.     

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