Update: Officer Details Life Saving Lunge to Save Woman

- UPDATE -- Quick thinking officers save a Janesville woman from a deadly situation. It was a heroic moment all caught on camera.

"This is one of those things where we had to come through, and it was one chance," said Officer Dan Schoonover, Janesville Police Department.

One chance to pull a suicidal woman from the ledge of a downtown Janesville building four stories up from the pavement. As one officer distracted her from down on the ground, Officer Schoonover lunged.

"I grabbed a hold of her, I was able to use the ledge to kind of anchor myself against it to push off of once I got a hold of her and pulled her over the ledge onto our side of the roof," said Schoonover.

A dramatic rescue all captured thanks to a tiny camera. It's a new tool for the Janesville Police Department, one that not only protects the officers, but gives insight into their dangerous jobs.

"For as much as people see media day after day, I think this, when we have things like this and we're able to release it to the public, it'll give everybody and idea of what it is we really do, and what our days can really be like," said Sgt. Mike Blaser, Janesville Police Department.

And on April 8, no amount of training would be enough to prepare the officers.

"Sometimes we have to think outside the box, and implore tactics that you wouldn't necessarily expect an officer to implore," said Sgt. Blaser, "and that's exactly what happened here."

"What was going through your head at that point?" asked Christie Nicks, Eyewitness News.

"Failure is not an option, we cannot afford to fail," replied Schoonover.

And they didn't.

"We're here to help people, and we're not going to fail them," Schoonover said.

Janesville police encourage anyone who may be in crisis to contact Rock County Crisis Intervention. It's a service that's available 24 hours, 7 days a week. The phone number is (608) 757-5025.

JANESVILLE -- Janesville police have released body camera video of an officer saving an apparent suicidal woman.

Officers were dispated at around 8:30 pm Thursday night to 33 S. Main St. after an eyewitness called to report that a female was on the roof ledge three stories above the ground and was concerned that she may jump.

Officer Justin Popovich arrived on scene and began talking with the female on the roof ledge. The female told him she was going to jump because the voices in her head were tell her to do so.   That's when Officer Daniel Schoonover arrived and began looking for a way to gain on the roof.  He then climbed up an outside stairway, he climbed a railing and scaled conduit to get to the roof of the building.

Officer Schoonover quietly moved towards the female while she was talking to Officer Popovich on the street below.  His body camera then shows him sneaking up on the woman and grabbing her, pulling her away from the ledge.

The video of him grabbing the woman is posted at:


The officers then contacted Rock County CRISIS Intervention for evaluation.

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