UPDATE: One Charge Dropped Against Accused Killer Doddy


UPDATE (8/4/14): The Lee Co. State's Attorney says she dropped the charge for concealment of a homicide.  Initially, Doddy was charged because he locked the bathroom door where Bargman was killed.  However, he was unable to actually lock the door.

State's Attorney Sacco-Miller tells Eyewitness News she could've charged Doddy with attempted concealment, but that would only be a misdemeanor.

Today, Doddy pled not guilty to all charges related to Bargman's murder.  A grand jury returned a bill of indictment Friday.  Doddy returns to court Aug. 20 in Winnebago County.

Sacco-Miller says Doddy's lawyer has discussed the possibility of a plea deal.  However, the deal must be agreeable to both Winnebago and Lee Counties since they're trying the case together.

UPDATE (5:06pm): During an arraignment hearing in Lee County, Doddy pled not guilty to all charges.  He'll return to court Aug. 4th.

UPDATE (7/23/14): Eyewitness News obtained a copy of the criminal complaint against Doddy.  It detailed more information about how Doddy tried to conceal Bargman's death.  The murder took place in the family bathroom at the Willow Creek Rest Area.  Investigators say after Doddy killed Bargman, he exited the bathroom and locked the door so no one could get in.

Gruesome details emerge tonight as to how prosecutors say Terence Doddy killed a woman at a rest stop. This happening as the accused double murderer prepares to face a laundry list of charges in connection to her death. Now, Lee and Winnebago County prosecutors are teaming up to put Doddy away. 

“We're here to discuss the prosecution of Terrence Doddy." states Joe Bruscato, Winnebago County State’s Attorney.

Nearly three weeks after Terence Doddy was captured, Stateline prosecutors from Winnebago and Lee counties team up to try him for two murders. They seek to hold Doddy accountable for the death of Todd Hansmeier , where Doddy worked in Winnebago county and Tonya Bargman, who was murdered at a rest stop in Lee county.

This is the first time State’s Attorneys Joe Bruscato and Anna Sacco-Miller have worked together to try a case.

"Our thought is to try them together so that we conserve resources, that we make sure that he has all of the evidence in both cases, and that justice can prevail in the end," adds Anna Sacco-Miller, Lee County State's Attorney.

This is also the first time Sacco-Miller has released details on Bargman’s death at the Willow Creek rest area near Paw Paw, “He's charged with 12 counts of first degree murder alleging that he affixiated Tonya Bargman by putting his hands around her neck and by stuffing her head in the toilet. It's charged multiple ways with different theories, but it's the same act."

The exact cause of Bargman’s death remains unknown, although an autopsy found signs of strangulation and water in her lungs. 

Doddy will still face murder charges in both Winnebago and Lee counties, but Bruscato says each office will provide help to the other, “Myself, as the State's Attorney of Winnebago County, will appoint designated members of the Lee County's State's Attorney's office to join us in the prosecution of Mr. Doddy here in Winnebago County."

Just who will try Doddy first remains a mystery. Right now he is being held at the Winnebago county jail. Tomorrow morning, he will be arraigned in Lee county. Following that court appearance, Doddy will be brought back to Winnebago county where he will appear in court once again tomorrow afternoon.

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