UPDATE: Possible Cougar Sighted In Janesville


UPDATE (12:34pm): Sgt. Brian Donohoue of the Janesville Police Dept. tells Eyewitness News the animal was seen at 7:50pm Tuesday near the area of Wildflower and Birdsong, which is the same area as the large cat sighting from Monday.  Sgt. Donohoue says it's not confirmed if it's the same animal.

JANESVILLE - Police warn residents of a possible cougar in the area.

Officials say a cougar has been sighted and the Dept. of Natural Resources has been alerted.

However, police haven't said where the cougar was spotted.

Wildlife experts say cougar attacks are "very rare."  But, if you find yourself face to face with one, here's a few of their tips:

  • Try to convince it you aren't prey or dangerous.  You can accomplish this by not running, crouching, or staring at its eyes.
  • If the cougar holds its ground, don't turn your back.  Wave your arms and shout to appear larger.  Back slowly away and return to your vehicle or shelter.
  • If the cougar approaches you, throw sticks or stones.
  • If the aggression escalates, beat the animal with a stick, your fists, or other weapon.

So far, there've been no reported attacks or damage caused by the cougar.

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