UPDATE: Rockford Man Sentenced In Brutal Assault

- UPDATE (11/18/14): Brown was sentenced to 57 years in prison Tuesday.  Eyewitness News will have a more detailed report on Eyewitness News 5,6,9, and 10.

UPDATE (8/21/14): Brown finally made up his mind and agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors.  He pled guilty to two counts out of 17, which are attempted 1st degree murder and unlawful restraint.  Attempted murder carries a maximum sentence of 60 years in prison.

UPDATE (2:50pm): Brown is having second thoughts about his plea deal.  His lawyer informed the judge that his client is withdrawing his guilty plea.  As a result, the previous deal has been vacated.  Brown will now have another hearing to officially enter a new plea.

UPDATE (7/16/14): Coreyon Brown agreed to a plea deal in court Wednesday.  He pled guilty to attempted first degree murder and aggravated unlawful restraint.  No word yet on sentencing.  We have a crew in the courtroom and we'll have the very latest as it develops.

Coreyon Brown, 18, and Cortez Brown, 19, not only faced a judge on Monday, but also faced one of their alleged victims. Both entered "not guilty" pleas.

Roger Schramm sat front and center in the courtroom where his two accused attackers were arraigned. His eyes were black and blue, he had staples in his head from being beaten when he and his wife discovered the robbers in their home and were attacked with the butt of a gun. Coreyon Brown exchanged a quick glance with his alleged victim before quickly averting his eyes back to the judge. Friends and members of the Schramm family packed the courtroom in support of Roger. His daughter, Tara Schramm-Sheetz, wiped tears from her eyes seeing the two men who police allege almost killed her father.

In addition to the Schramm case, both Browns (no relation), face even more charges in the case of the home invasion on Imperial Oaks Drive where the two allegedly beat and locked Colleen Holmbeck in a trunk of a car and shot her husband in the leg and left him for dead.

There are 16 charges in total ranging from aggravated battery, attempted first degree murder to even aggravated animal cruelty where the State's Attorney's office says the Browns killed the Schramm's Bernese Mountain dogs.

In court on Monday, deputy State's Attorney Marilyn Hite-Ross announced the State's Attorney's office was amending the charges listed against the two suspects to include that they intended to cause great bodily harm. That amendment allows the State's Attorney to seek natural life imprisonment as a possible sentence for both Coreyon and Cortez Brown if convicted on their charges.

Court documents list Coreyon Brown having a residence at 5531 Andrews Drive, Roscoe. That apartment complex is right across the street from Apple Insurance, the company owned by Jim Novak. Novak is the man who is reviving the Imperial Oaks neighborhood watch, Concerned Citizens Against Crime. He said, knowing the man who attempted to kill his neighbors lives right across the street from where he works instills fear in him.

"We have an uncontrollable amount of people coming into this town as well as people that are living just by us," said Novak. "You would never really have any idea of knowing these people unless you were an observant person or neighbor."

Novak's first meeting of the Concerned Citizens Against Crime drew nearly 300 attendees at its first meeting, and even though he claims that number is astounding, he says neighbors aren't communicating with each other like they used to.

"I think we're in a situation now where everybody goes their own way until something happens like this," said Novak.

And Novak said he's happy the suspects have been apprehended, but he mentions that doesn't mean the job of his newly revived organization will be done anytime soon.

"The crime pattern is still there and it's all over the city," said Novak. "It's still a situation where just because of one arrest that it's not going to go away. People need to understand that this is not going to go away over night."

A third suspect was also arrested on charges related to the home invasions. The State's Attorney's office said in a press conference on Saturday that police arrested Cortez Brown's girlfriend Monique Kimble, accused of ditching the goods collected in both home invasions. She was held on $3,000 bond and subject to a curfew and random drug testing.

All three suspects are due back in court on May 30th.

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