UPDATE: School Bus Driver Allegedly Sexually Abused Two Five Year Old Girls

- UPDATE (6/10/14): The suspect is 68 year-old Peter Sanchez.  Winnebago Co. State's Attorney Joe Bruscato announced Tuesday Sanchez abused two girls, both five years-old.  Sanchez is charged with five counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse for incidents which allegedly occurred from the middle of April to the middle of May.  Sanchez was arrested Monday on a warrant and is currently in custody. 

Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse is a Class 2 Felony that is punishable by a sentence of up to seven years in prison.

ROCKFORD - The school bus is supposed to be a safe and reliable way to get kids to school, but according to the South Beloit police department, a girl had a terrifying experience on a first student bus when her bus driver allegedly sexually abused her on the way to Prairie Hill Elementary Superintendent Ted Rahl says parents are very concerned. "We have tried to get the message now to all of our parents, because the question comes up, which bus? Was it my bus driver?”

Police do have footage of the alleged incident -- because every school bus in the Prairie hill school district is equipped with cameras--and those tapes have been reviewed. “Having cameras on the bus and in particular this situation are incredibly important" said Superintendent Rahl

Aryanna Kent, a former First Student bus driver says the company does extensive background checks, and has strict policies that prohibit the bus driver from having physical contact with students. "I was completely appalled because protocol is that you are not even supposed to touch the children at all, it doesn’t matter what it is, unless it is an emergency situation where there is an injured child and you need to evacuate the bus, there is no reason to touch a child"

The schools principal and superintendent say they have zero tolerance for these allegations. “He was done immediately; he was done with that company immediately.”

The investigation is ongoing, and the Winnebago County Sheriffs Department, the States Attorney and DCFS are involved.

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