UPDATE: Wandering Black Bear Sighted In DeKalb County


UPDATE (5:37pm): The DeKalb County Sheriff's Dept. reports the bear was again seen in a wooded area at 10:30am in the area northeast of Sycamore near Plank and Lukens Road.  According to the University of Illinois Wildlife, the bear is probably relatively young and a male, who had to leave because of the birth of new cubs.

The school estimates the bear is about 150 pounds.

UPDATE (12:13pm): The black bear was spotted by residents just before 8:30am Wednesday at the NW corner of Rt. 72 and Rt. 23.  Deputies didn't make it to the area in time.  About an hour later, a deputy did see the bear near Derby Line Road south of Genoa.

The bear was heading into a heavily wooded area.

Police say the bear has not attacked anyone or destroyed property at this point.

- Winnebago County Sheriff's Police say a woman called around 2 PM reporting she had seen a bear in a field near N. Main and Roscoe Road. The bear then took off running. Residents are on lookout.

Norma Shipton is taking extra precaution with a bear on the loose. She says “I’ve decided I was not going to go out of my house at night and I don’t think it would be any good to tell it to scoot, go away, because I heard that doesn’t work.

It’s not the first time a wild creature roamed their neighborhood. Ryan Ertz has pictures of coyotes he spotted in his backyard. Ertz describes the coyotes by saying “you can hear them howling every night, we usually get pictures of them either late at night or early in the morning out running around the tree line in the back.”

But the bear has proven more elusive than coyotes. John Kopp of Rockton says “I think he’s one heck of a smart bear, because he’s been able to stay hidden for all this time if he’s around here.”
Rick Anderson from Summerfield Zoo in Belvidere describes black bears as sneaky, says they don’t make a lot of noise. He also says they are great climbers, so they can hide in trees.

He says the bear may be looking for a mate. Anderson says “I think the scenario might just be a young male coming into his own. He might be looking for a territory of his own away from older males where there could possibly be other females.”

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