UPDATE: Witness Changes Statement In Courtney Murder Case

- UPDATE (5/12/14): Janesville Police say a witness has changed the statement initially given to investigators.  The witness now states that Courtney told them "I have killed three people."  Originally, the witness claimed Courtney said "I have killed three people tonight."  Police are now looking to the public to help answer for Clayton's whereabouts for May 2 from 8pm-7am and May 4 from 5pm-10pm.

Also, Chief Moore said during Monday's press conference they can't confirm whether or not Courtney and Mary Couthard, a 75 year-old woman who's body was found in the Rock River, are connected.  However, Moore said there Couthard sustained an injury prior to being found in the river.  He did not say how or where the injury happened.

JANESVILLE -- 28-year-old Clayton Courtney appears via video in Rock County court.

Courtney faces a first degree murder charge among others for the death of 21-year-old Brittany Cross. Her body was found near the rock river in downtown Janesville. Police say within the past few days they've gotten a number of new leads into the case.

"We've had a lot of tips that have come into the police department," said Chief David Moore, Janesville Police Department. "we've been running those tips down, and we're trying to build the timeline between Mr. Courtney's arrest, and going back to like Thursday or Friday of last week."

Courtney claims to have killed a total of three people, something police are still investigating.

"We take Mr. Courtney at his word that he has killed three people," said Chief Moore.

But Chief Moore says it's looking less likely that one of those victims is missing woman, Mary Coulthard.

"As we learn more about Mr. Courtney's actions, we do not see where they intersect at all with Mary Coulthard," Chief Moore said.

No one has seen the 75-year-old since last Friday, and police are now taking their search from the ground to the water.

"We are concerned that she is in the Rock River and that's why we're putting the resources we are into searching the river for Mary," said Chief Moore.

They'll even deploy a plane on Saturday to fly over the river, but they still hope for the best possible scenario.

"Our hope is that she's alive and that we'll find out that there was some unique event that occurred and she'll come back to us," Chief Moore added.

Clayton Courtney will visit the courtroom again May 19th for a preliminary hearing.

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