UPDATE: Woodstock Chef Wins "Hell's Kitchen"


UPDATE (7/25/14): Scott Commings came out on top in Thursday's season finale of "Hell's Kitchen."  He will be offered a Head Chef position at Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, a prize value worth $250,000.

"Scott is a tremendous leader and is never afraid to take risks" says Ramsay.  "He showed incredible determination and became a stronger chef even as the competition became fiercer, proving that he has what it takes to make a mark on the culinary world."

Commings outlasted 19 other chefs and defeated Chicago Sous Chef Jason Zepaltas in the finale.

WOODSTOCK, IL--It's a Midwest battle on Hell's Kitchen.

Scott Commings is one of the finalists, and he is the executive chef and director of food operations for Loyola University’s Retreat & Ecology Campus.

Commings is from Woodstock, and he made the trip to be a contestant on the show.

Despite Gordon Ramsay's fiery personality on the show, Commings had nothing but good things to say about the chef extraordinaire.

“The amount of passion that that guy has with everything he does, even outside of the kitchen, is just truly amazing,” said Commings.

Ramsay is the well-know host of Hell's Kitchen—a show that is in its 12th season.

The show is an exciting opportunity for chefs to showcase their talents and compete for the chance to be head chef at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Las Vegas.

But what viewers may not realize, is what these chefs leave behind in order to compete.

While gone, Commings co-workers at Loyola missed his help in the kitchen—and on the farm.

"He’s expanded the program dramatically, including now overseeing our farm operations out here,” said Tim McGuriman, the associate vice president for capital planning at Loyola University.

What's unique about the Loyola Woodstock campus is that they have a farm where they grow their own produce.

"You know, to have the ability to grow what we're using in the kitchen is kind of a chef's dream,” said Commings.

From the farm to the table--it doesn't get any fresher than that!

Commings said he’s never been to Vegas, but that could change if he is the winner tomorrow night.

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