Veterans Roll To Washington D.C.

- Beloit - Over 200 Veterans from across the country met in Beloit Sunday morning to take a trip of a life time, Eyewitness News was there as the Veterans got ready to roll to Washington D.C.

Hundreds of American Flags line the streets of Beloit, to show support for the troops and veterans, who put their lives at risk to keep our country safe. Mitch Bliss, a World War II Veteran from Janesville Wisconsin reflects back on the war “We were Navy crew, assigned to merchant marine cargo ships” said World War II veteran Mitch Bliss.

David Miser, a volunteer for Vets Roll is excited to hear war stories and spend time with the veterans. “The stories that we are going to hear on this trip, we have a Pearl Harbor survivor, fighter pilots and coast guards.” 

The trip is called Vets Roll, and the Stateline Corporation has been bringing vets from Beloit to Washington for five years. The mission is to bring veterans to their war memorials in Washington D.C. and the cost is completely free. “They get to relive and reconnect with their past, they get to talk about it, and it is a expression of love and gratitude to the veterans.” Said Kevin Murry, a Vets Roll bus leader.

“I have been looking forward to this for a long time, but never got a chance, but now I’m really going to take it all in” said Freddie Ohr

When the busses roll into Washington D.C. the men and woman will see war memorials dedicated to their fight. “It is just going to be a lot of fun, especially when they get to Washington and you see those vets eyes that have never seen their monuments before, what they fought for, for us way back in the 1940’s.”

Freddie Ohr who served in World War II is looking forwards to seeing the World War II memorial for the first time. “This is going to be the first time that I have seen the memorial, so it is going to be a great sight.” “I want to see all of the memorials, but I really am looking forward to seeing the World War II memorial” said Bliss

Many of the veterans who take the trip are seniors, ho use wheel chairs and some even use oxygen tanks, but that does not slow them down. The Vets Roll Corporation does whatever it takes to provide service and medical care while out on the roads. “It is no cost to the veterans; we have two medical personnel on each bus, R.N.’s, paramedics, fireman and E.M.T’s so safety first.” Said Miser.

The emotional trip lasts only a few days, but the memories will last a lifetime. It has just grown exponentially, to something that is really great. You have to witness it.” Said Murray

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