Vets and Pets Unite at NIU for a Good Cause


DEKALB- A group of students at the College of Business of Northern Illinois University (NIU) are working with the organization Save-A-Vet to improve the life of retire military and police dogs and disabled veterans.

Save-A-Vet rescues dogs and provides housing to disabled veterans for taking care of them.

Now, a group of students from NIU are creating a magazine that will generate funds for a Save-A-Vet facility in Dekalb that will be named the ‘Huskie House.’

The students hope to have the magazine publish by mid April, and use the revenue from ads in the magazine by May to get a facility.

Danny Scheurer, CEO of Save-A-Vet, hopes to have up to 800 veterans and 300 dogs if possible in the new facility. However, the number of occupants could change depending on the location.

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