Vietnam Veterans Unveil Faces Of Local Heroes

- ROCKFORD - Dozens of names are etched into the wall of honor at the L.Z. Memorial, each name honoring a veteran from Winnebago County who paid the ultimate price in the Vietnam War. “They did not get a chance” said Nancy Bloomstrand, a member of the Daughters of the Revolution.

The Daughters of the Revolution believed these heroes deserved more, and spent the last year searching for pictures of each fallen soldier. “It is Black granite, it is very cold, it is just a name, but when you see their faces, they were young.” said Bloomstrand.

This Memorial Day was the first time the Vietnam veteran’s society was able to show the faces of the fallen heroes. “Pictures of these veterans out that just make you cry, to see the real face, to see the real person.” Said Nick Parnello, Vietnam Veteran

The Vietnam veteran’s society commemorates each fallen soldier with song and poems that let the community feel the pain of war and every Memorial Day family members of fallen soldiers share their tragic stories of loss and try to come to peace with the after effects of the war. Parnello said “We had a great crowd today, and I think it was the heartfelt things that came across. Veterans were showing up, and people were saying things right out of their hearts”

If you have pictures of local Vietnam Veterans, contact Nancy Bloomstrand from the daughters of the revolution by email at

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