Village of Caledonia Prepared If a Tornado Hits Again

- Caledonia-For many of the residents, Sunday was their first time hearing the new tornado siren. The siren is located at their fire station, and has been installed for only a month.

Caledonia resident Laurel Noble says “my neighbor who lives across the street from us, she got animals, she had to corral them all in, and she got all her family and all the animals in in under five minutes and got them into safety.”

A pancake breakfast was being held at the fire station, but many on hand couldn’t help but watch the storms. It reminded Noble of the Caledonia’s last tornado three years ago.

Noble recalls “I was the first car to pull into Caledonia, and I noticed a tree hit and a street sign hit .and I thought somebody had a car accident and then not until I was farther into the road I saw uh

Knowing their tornado siren works is a huge sigh of relief for the many in the village. City officials say they are prepared for a tornado now more then ever.

Village President Rod Fritz says “we take it very serious now probably more then we used to because we lived thru it three years ago and fortunately by the grace of God nobody was hurt so we’re trying to do everything we can to make sure no one gets hurt in the next storm either.

Funding for the siren started by a woman who lost her house in Caledonia’s last tornado. The village plans a dedication ceremony for the siren next Saturday.

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