Violent Events Leave 17 year-old Shot And Car Totaled

- Rockford Police are investigating Thursday’s violent series of events that left a 17 year-old with a gun shot wound and a car totaled near 6th street. Eyewitness News talked with a friend of the teen who says this could have been a gang related shooting.

17 year-old D.Q. Ashford was shot in the buttock Thursday afternoon, just minutes after leaving Jefferson High Schools graduation ceremony at the B.M.O. Center

Chelsey Bennett, a close friend of Ashford’s says she is surprised that D.Q. was targeted, and could not believe it happened just minutes after leaving graduation. “I went to Jefferson with him, and he was close with all the friends, he was close with everyone, and I have never seen him into any problems with anybody.”

Bennett says Ashford was on the porch of a home in the 400 Block of Horseman Avenue when a Gray Pontiac G6 drove by with two Black males and one White female teenager inside. The male passenger in the vehicle allegedly shot Ashford “He told me that he did get shot by some people, but he did not say who”           

It was the second shooting at the same place in three days, Bennett is not sure if the latest shooting was gang related or just a random act of violence, but is worried that more of her friends will get gunned down as the summer progresses. “It is about to be summer and there has been so many accidents and everything going on lately, you never know when someone is just going to leave”

According to the Rockford Police Department the damage continued after the vehicle left the scene of the shooting. Traveling at high speeds near 6th Street and allegedly causing another driver to lose control of her vehicle, sending her to the bottom of a loading zone at a local day care.

Doug Edwards lives near the day care center and saw what happened. “We were all standing over there next door, and we heard was a bunch of screeching tires”

He says the neighborhood has had many problems in the past with drivers speeding through the intersection near the day care center, but nothing quite like this. “It is only a matter of time until someone gets killed over here”

Edwards fears his neighborhood is becoming dangerous for his kids. “I don’t let my daughter ride her bike around the block anymore because it is getting bad. I mean there should be a cop at lease once in a while sitting here and watching these people come through here” 

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