Volunteers Go Door To Door Informing Stateliners On ObamaCare

- Rockford-Ivan Bautista’s ten year old daughter has severe food allergies that require a lot of medical attention.

Bautista says “She will stop breathing and then her allergic reaction will break (out) her skin and then she will have to go to the hospital.”

But now, Bautista’s daughter can not be denied health insurance for her pre-existing condition because of the affordable care act.

He says he needs affordable healthcare so his daughter is covered at all times.

Bautista says “if I happen to not have a job at one point like it happened to me in the past, then I can still find an option where she can be covered.

Bautista is working with other Get Covered America volunteers going door to door informing Stateliners on Obamacare.

The group targets neighborhoods they believe need information on the new health care law. Officials say they rely on volunteers to help spread the word.

State Director of Get Covered America David Elin says “one of the reasons we choose to do that and go door to door is to talk to real people about real things. And it’s one of the tactics we believe is going to help people make these critical decisions on them and they’re families.”

They want to clear up any confusion people may have with Obamacare.

Elin says “we’re some of the folks that really wanna make sure that we’re giving them these facts so it’s critical that we get out and talk to consumers on what their options are and where they can go take advantage of it.”

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