Warm Weather Wreaking Havoc on Local Rooftops


Rockford-Milton Clark’s ceilings in his laundry room are heavily damaged due to ice melting from his roof leaking into the walls.


Clark says “I woke up a little after 12, I come downstairs and immediately I heard a dripping.”


Clark isn’t the only Stateliner hearing that dreaded dripping noise. Crews at Instant Roofing and Remodeling were busy working on rooftops removing ice so water can flow down the roof. It’s to help prevent Ice Dams.


Marty Hayes from Instant Roofing and Remodeling says “Ice Damming forms after so many layers of ice that don’t get a chance to melt off the roof because it was so cold for so long. And then when we have extreme warm temperatures like this where all the snow is melting at once, it ponds up behind the ice where it doesn’t flow off the roof. And it pushes its way underneath the shingles.”


This winter’s persistent sub-zero temperatures have not given ice much time to melt. Hayes adds “in recent years it usually warms up every other week, so the ice doesn’t build up as high. This year I’ve seen ice build up four to five feet up the roof line.”


That can lead to a 200 dollar visit from roofing companies to get rid of them. Stateliners can’t seem to catch a break from Mother Nature.

Clark vents “it’s a real headache. I mean its bad enough you have to shovel all the snow, and then you finally get some decent weather and you get more problems.”


Some advice from Instant Roofing to prevent Ice Dams are putting heat tape along gutter edges, and removing snow along those edges with a snow rake after heavy snowfall.

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