Weather Impacting Park District Turnout

- ROCKFORD- Magic Waters is typically filled with kids and family during these months. But with the cooler summer, it's been a different story.

Laura Gibbs-Green of the Rockford Park District says, "we are seeing a little bit of decrease in terms of numbers from this point that we were at, compared to 2013.
At this time last year, Magic Waters had over73 thousand in attendance compared to this years attendance, at a little over 60 thousand.  So the cold snap could be a little different for us this summer. As we're not used to seeing some the temperatures that we've seen in the sixties", says Green.

The cooler summer temperatures appears to have Stateliners yearning for winter, or at least activities in doors. This summer hockey registration has nearly doubled at Carlson Ice Arena and at Riverview Icehouse.

"I just never thought I'd see it, in Rockford, Illinois. Really proud of the kids in the community backing it. It's just gone a long ways", says Hockey Director, Don Walker.

Brendon Thiede says, "I think they're very well coached. They're a lot of fun. You get to do a lot of cool stuff".

Back at Magic Waters, with temperatures forecast to be in the 80's, Green is confident that the attendance will pick up. "We're in the cusp of what we hear to be a really hot week next week. So we know we'll see a lot of people out there and enjoying the water park and enjoying the many facilities of the Rockford Park district".

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