Weather Woes: Mother Nature Throws Curveball at High School Teams

- ROCKTON -- Thursday could be the coldest start to May in nearly 100 years! Factor in all the rain we've had, and it's making for a miserable baseball season for local high schools and  fans.

Yes, it's baseball season, but for the boys of summer, the weather has been a swing and a miss.

"The weather's very cold, we haven't [caught] a break yet," said Nick Marquez, Hononegah fan.

"I got two layers," said John Simpson, Hononegah fan.

Gray skies overhead, a few fans still braved the elements for Wednesday's Auburn-Hononegah match up.

"As a fan, it's kind of hard but you've got to come here and support the kids," said Marquez.

"It's less than ideal, but if the players can stand it, we can stand it," said Simpson.

The only way they're standing it is with hats, coffee, even blankets. This soggy cold weather isn't fun for players either.

"Horrible weather for baseball this year," said Hosea Harris, Auburn High School's head baseball coach. "Our first two-and-a-half, three weeks we spent inside a gym trying to get stuff done which is not comfortable at all."

Leaving them with less time to practice outside. And mother nature threw yet another curveball at Auburn Wednesday.

The Auburn Knights were supposed to play here at home, but thanks to a soggy field, that home game had to be moved away.

"It's very frustrating at this point, but I'm sure things will turn around for us now that we have the stuff we need to get our field prepped," said Coach Harris.

In the mean time, the die-hards won't let a little weather get in the way of a good game.

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