What a Mess! High Winds Whip Trash Around Landfill

WINNEBAGO COUNTY -- What a mess!
From the grass, to the trees, Mother Nature has picked up trash from the Winnebago Landfill and blown it as far as the eye can see, including right into New Milford Trustee Linda Krause's yard.

"I could not believe my eyes how bad things were," said Krause "It was more than I have ever seen all the time I've been here."

Friend, and neighbor Barabara Van Hauen agrees.

"The trees look like Christmas,"said Van Hauen "It looks like they've been decorated they are so full of papers."

Both residents say they understand high winds but believe the landfill isn't covering its trash quickly enough.

"Evidently that can't be going on because if that were true, how did this happen?" asked Krause.

The landfill blames the 50 miles-per-hour wind gusts that roared through the area at times, Tuesday. Officials tell Eyewitness News the weather forced them to close only 45 minutes after opening. The rest of the day was dedicated to clean up, which is no easy task.

"The more we clean up the more the trash come, like the wind just blowing it all down," said Desjwa Rambus, landfill employee. "Like, everytime we look back there's more trash in the same spot we just cleaned up."

It's a massive job Krause feels will never be truly finished. Now, she's pleading with the landfill to fix it before her neighborhood and New Milford get a dirty reputation.

"Please, we're people here too. You don't live here, we do," Krause said.

Landfill officials tell Eyewitness News they had more than 20 employees working to clean up the mess. That's more than 5 times the amount that usually roams the area around the landfill picking up loose garbage on a normal day.

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