Who's Behind Those Donation Boxes Overflowing with Stuff?


FREEPORT – A donation box at the Southgate Market Plaza in Freeport has been overflowing with books for more than a week, according to some residents. We called the number on the donation box, but our messages have not been returned.

When these types of bins are in private property the responsibility is up to the company or organization that put it there, and the landowner of the plaza to make sure they are properly taken care off, according to Jim Gitz, the Mayor of Freeport.

Gitz says this is a donation program never approved by the city, because is NOT in public property. They will look into this issue. However, if it rains and the now trash starts to fly around the parking lot the situation becomes a litter nuisance, and the landowner could be ticketed.

The Better Business Bureau doesn’t want people to stop giving if they are inclined to, but to make sure residents do they research before they donate cash or any type of items to a group/non-for-profit.

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