Winnebago County Sheriff's Department Brings Back Tasers

- ROCKFORD - A shocking tool will once again cling to the belts of Winnebago County sheriff's deputies.

The department is bringing back tasers after a near five year hiatus. This time, the devices will be equipped with video cameras. All 106 deputies will be trained to use them under a revamped program.

Sheriff Richard Meyers says while the decision to use tasers should never be taken lightly, they are a less lethal alternative to a gun.

"When you use your side arm, that's a pretty final step, " said Meyers. "So there may be times in what our officers are doing where they can still protect themselves and not have to use that lethal force by using a taser."

Both Winnebago County and Rockford Police put the tasers away after finding out the potential for heart attack.

The Rockford Police are still debating whether to bring the tool back .

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