Winter Space Heater Safety

ROSCOE- This dangerous fire scene in a Roscoe subdivision on Whispering Wind Dr. had crews fighting a blaze that engulfed two cars and a garage. It caused more than 55, 000 dollars in damage.

The cause was a portable electric heater that was left on and unattended.

"I would not leave a space heater unattended. Also, do not put them up on any furniture, any coffee tables like that. They're to be on a flat surface to avoid tipping over," said Deputy Chief John Bergeron.

Bergeron recommends keeping the appliance at least three feet from household combustibles. And not using an extension cord unless absolutely necessary.

"They require a certain amount of power to go through those heaters, so if you use an extension cord not rated for the heater they could cause a fire also," said Deputy Chief Bergeron.

Before purchasing Bergeron advises looking for the UL mark found on the back or bottom of portable heaters.

The stamp indicates it has been tested by UL to meet their strict standards of equipment.

And if you have a liquid-fueled space heater only use fuels recommended by the manufacturer. The wrong fuel could burn hotter than the equipment was designed for causing a serious fire and even explosion.

The Harlem-Roscoe Fire Department reports there were no injuries involved.

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