You May Notice a Strange Smell Driving by the Belvidere Chrysler Plant


Belvidere- When you drive by the Belvidere Chrysler Plant, you may notice a strange smell. That foul odor has made residents like Larry White file a complaint the EPA


White says “my family, my parents, my kids are in Belvidere all day long. I do go out of town frequently, and I’m just worried about their quality. And the water and just maybe what may be going on in this town.”


The Illinois EPA is now looking into the smell. They say it’s noticeable from inside the plant. Kim Biggs from the Illinois EPA says “our inspectors indicate they do smell some, but it depends on the time of day, and where they’re at.”


Gabriel Cansino and his wife might move if the smell doesn’t get better. He adds “I know that if you smell something, usually it contains particles of that and if its chemical based. You know we watch plenty of documentaries that talk about chemicals not being good for you.”


Officials from the Illinois EPA say the smell is not related to the Chrysler Hazmat situation from November. They also add the smell is not harmful to your health.


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