Young Stateline Fisherman Discovers Body in Rock River

- Janesville-Marci McCarten owns It’s A Keeper Bait & Tackle with her husband. The shop is right by the river where 75 year old Mary Coulthard’s body was found last Friday. It was discovered by a 15 year old boy while fishing. The teen rode his bike to the bait shop to tell them what happened. McCarten says the boy’s face was “pale white.”

“McCarten says “the kids had seen a pair of jeans, and when he looked again, he thought something was in those jeans so he decided to come to the shop and asked us to call the police for him.”

Coulthard had been missing for a week. The cause of her death is drowning. An autopsy shows she suffered an injury before she drowned.

Chief David Moore of Janesville Police says “We located Ms. Coulthard last Friday afternoon, an autopsy was conducted Saturday. That autopsy shows us that there was an injury prior to the drowning. We will not discuss the nature of the injury or the location of the injury as we want to hold that information back for the validity of the investigation. And nor can I tell you if it was incapacitating or not incapacitating. We simply don't know that answer. Also Ms. Coulthard's purse was located in the 200 block of S. Jackson Street Saturday morning may 3rd. The purse and contents were turned over to police and they are being sent to the Wisconsin crime lab for DNA analysis. Some personal property was missing we believe and we will not discuss as to what personal property is.”

McCarten hopes the Coulthard family, and the boy who found the body both find closure. She adds “he’s 15 years old. He saw something traumatic and time is just going to tell if he’s going to need to speak with somebody about that.”

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