Auburn's Dynamic Duo Ready For State

Tytus Metzler and Quinten Nevenhoven hope to make some noise this weekend.

ROCKFORD - Auburn tennis players Tytus Metzler and Quinten Nevenhoven have been pushing each other all season in practice and even this past Saturday in the Sectional Final when they went head-to-head. Now it could pay off for both of them when they head to the State Tournament later this week.

Metzler and Nevenhoven are two of the most talented tennis players Rockford schools have ever produced, but they go about the game in different ways.

"Quinten likes to hit a fast ball. He likes to attack quite a bit and he hits it very deep," says Metzler.

(Quinten Nevenhoven, Auburn sophomore) "Tytus is more of a consistent ,heavy top-spin player," says Nevenhoven. "I like to go for it a lot more."

(Scott) Both players could go deep at State.  The singles competition in Class 2A doesn't have any clear-cut favorites.

"The sky is the limit for both me and Quinten," says Metzler. "We could both place pretty high this year. The singles for State it's pretty open. If we win a couple good matches we could end up doing really well."

Metzler finished seventh at State last year. The only State Tennis champion in Rockford history was West's Dan Wikse in 1965. Guilford's Tracy Fenlon finished second in 1978 and again in 1979 and another Guilford tennis player Kevin Park took second in 1996. Metzler knows he could join some rare company.

"That's definitely in the back of my mind. I definitely want to do as best as I can."

"I think he can finish top four personally," says Auburn tennis coach Tracy Palmer. "I don't know if he can win it all. He's got the talent to win it all, but a lot of different factors are involved."

Nevenhoven won four of his six matches at State last year as a freshman. It was an eye-opening experience.

"What really surprised me last year was the fact that you could play three or four matches in a day. I wasn't expecting that at all, so this year I'm ready for those high amounts of matches."

The State Tennis Tournament begins Thursday in Arlington Heights.

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