Pettersen Wins Girls Classic

ROCKFORD-Madasyn Pettersen won the Greater Rockford Women's Golf Classic two weeks ago, so it's no surprise that she ran away from the field in the Greater Rockford Girls Classic Monday.

Pettersen shot a 72 at Ingersoll to claim the overall championship by a whopping 18 strokes.

"It feels really, really good. It's a privilege to be able to play all of these tournaments around here, and to be able to compete like I do," says Pettersen. "Oh my gosh. It was a good day today. It really was. After the women's city everything kind of went downhill. I had like a back tweak, but everything's good."

Pettersen moves from one tournament right into another. Tuesday in Savoy she'll tee it up in the Girls Junior State Amateur.

"The last time I played that I was 12, because I was injured last year," says Pettersen. "I don't know if you know this, but when I was 12 I shot five under, but I got disqualified, so I didn't get to complete it. So this year I'm hoping to complete it."

"It's almost better to go play tournaments then just sit here and practice because you gain experience. Your game gets sharper because it is competitive golf,  and it's not just practice. So yea, going into tomorrow these two tournaments have helped me a lot, and this tournament (the Junior State Amateur) is a big deal, yea. There's going to be a lot of good players there who are going to go way under par, so I'm going to have to shoot pretty far under par, so let's go!"

Following are the complete results for the Girls Classic:

Ages 5-7 (4 holes)
23 Megan Larson
23 Amelia Dunseth
24 Sophie Raimer
28 Lauren Rager
31 Aaliyah Bach
32 Tory Palmer
38 Elania Rager
73 Phoebe North

Ages 8-10 (9 holes)
43 Ella Greenberg
46 Isabella Pettersen
47 Kayla Sayyalinh
52 Emma Raimer
62 Eva Greenberg
64 Alexis Bach
71 Rylie Colmbi

Ages 11-12 (9 holes)
37 Katelyn Sayyalinh
41 Brighton Young
41 Alexis Bounleutay
48 Emily Skowronski
60 Molly Schoepfer
62 Finley Rock
64 Teyah Palmer
67 Bella Zammuto
69 Allison Vosberg
117 Hope Markley

Ages 13-14 (9 holes)
46 Brooke McCammond
57 Anna Flynn
59 Caitlin Waddell
69 Megan Vosberg
77 Ashlyn Luckey

Ages 13-14 (18 holes)
72 Madasyn Pettersen
92 Kristen Sayyalinh
103  Catlin Schoepfer
131 Edie Ports

Ages 15-16 (18 holes)
90 Jessica Slattery
90 Carson Racich
107 Madeline Strum
119 Claudia Conness

Ages 17-18 (18 holes)
93 Taylor Pyzunski
101 Kelsey Page
109 Leah Ports
111 Kristen  Bunch





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