Never Too Old

The uniform and pads are the same, but the man inside that helmet is much different than everyone else on the practice field.

Richard Clark graduated from high school 36 years ago. Clark is 53 years old.

"You can not tell that he is I think 53 years old. He came into camp in very, very, very good shape. Even probably in better shape then some of our returning players," says Vic Wallace, Rockford University Coach. "He's got some talent, and he sure has a lot of 'want to'."

Clark is a free safety. Throughout his career he's also played linebacker, receiver, guard and tight end while bouncing around at junior colleges.

"I started my career at West Los Angeles College. I played wide receiver there in '82," says Clark.

Clark has been a part of eight college programs over the years, but he says he played very little. He was primarily on the practice squads. Rockford College is checking to make sure he hasn't used up his eligibility before giving him the green light to play in a game.

Our compliance officer, our associate AD is checking everywhere he's gone to school," says Wallace.

Wallace says if Clark does have eligibility left he won't start, but he will play. What Clark wants more than anything at his age is to be a part of a winning team.

I've never been on a winning team. So I'd like to help Rockford College win. I don't know what it feels like to win. It's killing me," says Clark.

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