Broadhurst An Impact Rookie

ROCKFORD-Alex Broadhurst is only 20 years old.  He’s in his first full pro season.  As far as rookie seasons go his has been a very good one.

"Alex has high-end skill," says head coach Ted Dent. "He sees the ice really well. I’ve said it before he reminds me a lot of Brandon Pirri four years ago."

That’s high praise since Pirri went on to become a two-time AHL All-Star and the league’s leading scorer.
At the moment Broadhurst is the second highest scorer on the IceHogs roster. He has 42 points. 15 percent of the time that he’s taken a shot on goal the puck has found the net.  That’s the second highest shot percentage on the team. But Broadhurst admits it hasn’t exactly been a smooth ride this season.

"It’s been a roller coaster. It’s been up and down," says Broadhurst. "There’s been times when I’ve been comfortable and times when I’ve not been comfortable."

Broadhurst says he tries to learn from watching other top forwards in hockey.

"We watch a lot of NHL games here," says Broadhurst. "You look at the top players, the top centers, so I can compare myself to those guys like Jonathan Toews, Zach Parise. You pick up little things from each player and try to learn something from each."

"The thing with Alex is he’s got to skate. He’s got to skate every shift hard and not coast and make sure his compete level is always at 100 percent, so that’s what I’m still trying to get out of him," says Dent.

Even though he’s a rookie Broadhurst knows he can’t fall back on that. He has to produce now more than ever with Pirri traded and Jeremy Morin up with the Blackhawks.

"Realistically we’re not rookies anymore," says Broadhurst. "We’ve been in this league long enough, so it’s time to step up."

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