College Coaches Covet Boylan's Croft

ROCKFORD-Recruiting season never ends in college football. Boylan junior quarterback Demry Croft knows that too well. He's constantly being contacted by coaches from major colleges.

Croft says the recruiting process for him right now is a little wild.

"It's pretty hot and heavy. It's kind of crazy, because you'll be talking to someone one day and then the next day you're talking to another coach, and they're like, 'Oh we want you', and all this stuff. And it's like 'our program's great."

Now that DeKalb running back Dre Brown has already committed to Illinois, Croft is the most heavily recruited football player in the Stateline.  His 6'5 frame combined with his running ability and his passing ability has the biggest of schools pursuing him.

"We're talking Big 10, a little bit of SEC, MAC and PAC 12," says Croft to Eyewitness News.

Last season as a junior Croft passed for almost 19 hundred yards, a Boylan school record. He had 16 touchdown passes and only four interceptions. He also rushed for almost 700 yards and 12 touchdowns. And he led Boylan to the State Semifinals in Class 6A.
His highlights are easily accessible for recruiters on the popular website Hudl. And once recruiters see those they can't help but be interested.

"Hudl has made college recruiting a lot easier I think," says Boylan football coach John Cacciatore. "It's made it easier for high school kids to get their name out there."

Some college coaches have made recent visits to Boylan to watch Croft throw.  Others call and text him. Croft admits the entire process is a confusing one.

"You don't know which one to pick," says Croft. "You don't want to pick too early because something else might come along that's better, and you just don't know."

Croft says he hopes to make up his mind around the middle of his senior football season at Boylan this fall.

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