Considine Still Battling Concussion Settlement

ROCKFORD-Sean Considine is still battling against the proposed concussion settlement deal between the NFL and former players. Wednesday, for the second time in two months, attorneys representing the Byron resident and six other former players filed a motion in Federal Court objecting to the settlement.

The initial agreement called for the NFL to pay out $765 million to former players who are suffering from the effects of chronic head trauma. The cap on that amount was lifted last week clearing the way for even more money to be paid out to former players, but as Considine told Eyewitness News in an exclusive interview in May money isn't the issue.

He says it's the long-term care that former players need or might need if they suffer from head trauma.

"To me it's about medical care and coverage moving forward, and there's no way I can settle right now and say drop all my rights to that in the future. It's just, that doesn't make sense to me," said Considine.

Considine doesn't stand to receive any money from the concussion settlement as it's proposed now. And he says he doesn't want any. Considine suffered five concussions during his NFL career. He has some minor memory issues now, but nothing that requires medical attention. 

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