Ageless Wonder

ROCKFORD-A Stateline man makes everyone else in the senior softball league at Cherry Valley seem young by comparison. Carl Robinson brings a whole new meaning to the sixty plus softball league.

"You don't see many 83 year old guys who can do what he does." says his teammate Mirek Jakl.

He might be the oldest player on the team, but he's also one of the most energetic.  "I had my two knee operations, I'm playing good again," says Robinson. 

Robinson has been playing softball since he was twelve years old. To him life is all about staying active. "The best part about it is you stay active. And you have some great people playing with you and against you even though they catch your ball when you don't want them to," he says. "He plays like he's 20 years younger than he is," says teammate Ken Matten.

When Robinson's team is batting, he even coaches first base. "That's because I try to get as close to right field (where he plays defensively) as I possibly can. And first base coach is close," he chuckles.

Robinson has a great sense of humor, and he is always picking up his team. "Everybody makes mistakes, but he just encourages you to keep going," says Matten.

Robinson has no plans of quitting as long as he can pick up a bat. "I always tell my wife if somebody calls you, the first thing you want to ask 'was he safe?," says Robinson joking.

Robinson is definitely an inspiration. His advice to others is..."Stay active, keep playing, don't give up." "He just loves it," says Matten. "He just loves everything he does. He loves to play." "He's a great enthusiast of sports really. I just….he's my idol," says Jakl.

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