Legendary Titan Returns to Stateline

Danny Jones is one of the best basketball players to ever leave the Stateline. Jones stopped by the 34th Annual Fightin’ Titan Basketball Camp at his alma mater. Jones played for Boylan in the mid eighties and led the Titans to an 85-7 record in his three years. After two trips to State with Boylan, Jones went on to play at the University of Wisconsin. He graduated from Badger country as their all-time leading scorer. Jones later played professionally with the Rockford Lightning and has played in over twenty countries. The basketball star has plenty of knowledge to share but today, his message went beyond the court.

“There is a way to conduct yourself. There is a way that you treat other people no matter what you're doing whether it's an athletic endeavor or your academics, your family life that they can be the same person no matter where they are,” says Jones. “Remembering being here and I was looking up to the older people  and the speakers that came in at the time and that sort of thing. To think that now I've kind of switched places and I'm trying to set an example for the little ones and trying to be a role model for them, it's neat, special, and I consider it an honor and a privilege.”

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