NIU Football Preview

DeKalb-NIU's football team has enjoyed the spotlight in recent seasons playing in four consecutive MAC Championship games, plus the Orange Bowl and the Poinsettia Bowl, while also boasting a Heisman Trophy candidate. Will the good times continue this season?

The key will be at quarterback. Only one month from their first game, the Huskies have yet to decide who will fill Jordan Lynch's shoes.

"Between those three- Anthony (Maddie), Drew (Hare) and Matt (McIntosh), whoever separates and takes control of the thing that's the day we're going to name it, and we're going to go," says head coach Rod Carey.

"Three of us and whoever plays best in fall camp is going to get the job, so I think I get the ball to the receivers, and I think they like that obviously," says Hare.

"We've been doing seven on sevens, we've been doing routes on air with the receivers, so really trying to get chemistry with the number one guys and stuff all of us. We've got a lot of playmakers this year, and we're just going to try to give them the ball as much as we can as the quarterback," says McIntosh.

The quarterback position might be up for grabs, but the guys catching the ball are stronger than ever. The top three receivers are back this season led by TommyLee Lewis.

"Being a senior out here, you're just more comfortable coming out playing. Just like high school you start as a freshman, and you come to a senior, and you're just more comfortable. Nothing really bothers you," says Lewis. 

Lewis has even been named one of the most versatile players to watch in the country based on his receiving, running and kick return skills.
"It means a lot. It means I can do everything and showcase my skills in all different types of ways," says Lewis.

Building individual talent will help the Huskies keep their 26 home game winning streak alive- the longest in the nation. 

"Before you can be a champion, you have to have a bunch of individual champions," says Carey.

NIU opens their season at home against Presbyterian on August 28th.

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