Little Cubs Field Meeting Expectations

FREEPORT-After five years Little Cubs Field continues to bring happiness and people to the Stateline.

"We’ve had people from 48 states, 37 countries," says Denny Garkey the Vice President of Little Cubs Field.

The ballpark has averaged about 700 visitors per weekend and continues to be the tourist attraction that its builders expected.

<Mark Winter>
"We've been the top or one of the top tourist attractions in Stevenson County for about the last four years," says Little Cubs Field Board President Mark Winter. "All times of the year, even in the winter months we have people coming out from Chicago and the burbs roaming through the snow just to see the park."

But how does a field with only 100 feet down the lines attract so many?

"This place unlike any place you’ll ever be makes people feel young. Except for the little kids," says Garkey. "They feel older because they’re hitting a ball out of a field that looks like Wrigley."

Not only can adults be kids, but it has given Stateliners a renewed interest in baseball.

"Soccer and other sports were starting to draw kids attentions so we thought we need this to get kids interested back in baseball and it has," says Winter. 

34 features of Wrigley have already been replicated. Next up? Bleacher bums.

"We'll be doing the left field this year," says Winter. "We've already got the foundations in and everything. We're just getting the engineering drawings completed."

"We'll have five rows of bleachers about 38 feet long," says Garkey. "It will be added seating capacity and people can become part of the bleacher bums at Little Cubs Field by donating $100."

When the bleachers are built, the scores at the bottom of the scoreboard will be changed manually---just like Wrigley Field. The future will also bring bigger gift shops, picnic areas and enclosed dugouts to encompass the entire Cubbies experience.

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