Golden Baseball Fans From Mt. Morris

Carol and Warren Reckmeyer are hardcore baseball fans who have seen just about e

By Scott Leber |

Published 07/21 2015 12:16AM

Updated 07/21 2015 08:36AM

Carol and Warren Reckmeyer have seen a lot of baseball together. Like the backs of their jerseys read…they've been together since 1952.  The Mt Morris couple was married June 1st 1952. He's a diehard Cardinals fans. She's a big Giants fan.

"Like father like daughter. My dad was a Giants fan," says Carol. "My mother and I would listen to the Cardinals back in the '30s," says Warren. "I was three years old when they won their first World Championship, and Pepper Martin was my idol."

Warren is 92.  He remembers watching the Cardinals famous Gase House Gang. "I saw them play lots of times…Dizzy Dean, Paul Dean, and Ducky-Wucky Medwick."

Carol has more than memories of the old New York Giants. "I have a ball from the Giants with Mel Ott and Carl Hubbell and Jurges and who else? Thompson," she says after a momentary pause.

So what happens when the Giants and the Cardinals play each other like they did last fall in the NLCS?
"We make a truce," says Carol followed by a chuckle.

The Reckmeyer's love baseball period. That's why they try to attend a couple Aviators games each year. They even keep score during the game. But it was music that first helped them bond together.

"We were both music teachers and we shared that at the school," says Warren.

So what's the secret to a long, happy marriage? "Well," says Carol, "he always has the last word…Yes Dear."

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