Hononegah Preview 8/14/12

Rockton, Illinois-Hononegah looks like a football factory these days. The number of players on the school's vast practice fields is staggering.

"We've got about 85 on the varsity roster and about 185 in the program," said Coach Tim Sughroue. "We try to get all the kids involved. Everybody in the program is very important to what we're trying to do."

The Indians have a very strong junior class, and this year they have more speed than they've had in the past.

"One thing that's really going to be nice is to see how our speed can help us make big plays," said Sughroue. "One thing we've struggled with the past few years is creating big plays."

The new speedster on the team is junior halfback Alex Martin who transferred in from Missouri in January. He was one of the top sprinters in the NIC-10 during the track season. Junior Darwyn White willl also be a playmaker out of the backfield.  Senior Joey Welsh is ready to take over at quarterback.

The Indians also have good size on the lines.

"Our offensive line is probably the biggest it's been in a few years," said senior lineman David Edwards. "We have a lot of fast runningbacks and good runningbacks that can read holes. I think we're going to put up a lot of yards this year."

The key for the Indians will be stopping other teams from moving the ball and putting up points. Eli Trulley returns at linebacker.

Another key for the Indians will be staying healthy.

"We had a lot of injuries.  We have the past few years," said Sughroue.

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