Dofflemyers Have Special Golf Bond

ROCKFORD-It's the most spoken name in Stateline golf 'Dofflemyer' because there are two of them. Hui Chong and Robert Dofflemyer are mother and son, and they're inseparable on the golf course.

They're both champions.  She's won the women's city championship and numerous other local tournaments.  He's the reigning Men's city champion and the reigning Atwood Classic champion.
When one competes, the other one is right there caddying, that is if they're not both competing at the same time.  It's not the typical mother-son relationship.

"We spend a lot more time together. Actually too much time together," says Hui Chong.

Their days together on the golf course began when Robert was very young, and they were living in North Carolina.

"When I go out to golf course I just took him, because it's cheaper to take him then a babysitter. So he was just with me and he started playing," said Hui Chong.

"There was this golf course on this air force base which my dad worked at, and they would just take me out there, because we lived right on the course," says Robert.

They are a dynamic duo, putting their minds together and lending a second set of eyes analyzing putts, checking their swings and encouraging each other.

"She knows my swing really well," says Robert. "The main thing being my tempo. When it's clicking I hit the ball really well."

"Sometimes he goes too fast," says Hui Chong. "He has his own tempo. I've been watching him so long I can tell his tempo."

Their temperments when they're competing, are not quite the same.

"At the golf course I don't have intense. At home I do (chuckles), but not at the golf course," says Hui Chong. "On the other hand Robert has. He is intense on the golf course."

They say they enjoy their duo roles as players and caddies. Last month Robert caddied while his mother played her way to a runner up finish in the Women's State Amateur.

What is their ultimate golf fantasy?

"It would be cool if I made it to the PGA Tour or some tournament say the Masters, and she's caddying for me," says Robert. "I mean dreaming big that would be pretty cool."

Next week Hui Chong will play in the U.S. Women's Public Links in Washington State. Robert will play in the Rockford Men's City Tournament later this month.

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