Lynch Starts Fresh With Bears

LAKE FOREST-It's a new-look Jordan Lynch who was on the practice field at the Bears rookie minicamp Friday. He has a new number, a new position, but the same competitive spirit. 

Chicago native Jordan Lynch is fulfilling his lifelong dream playing for the team he grew up rooting for. What was it like
the moment he found out he was going to be a Bear?

"Coach Trestman called me in the seventh round, and they had a pick left," says Lynch. "Not sure which direction they were going to go with it. He said he wants me to be a Chicago Bear whether they draft me or not."

The Bears agreed to an undrafted free agent deal with Lynch and he’s determined to make it work.

"Making the fifty-three man roster or even practice squad. Just helping the Bears out anyway possible," says Lynch.

The Heisman finalist broke 25 NIU records and set 5 NCAA records during his college years as quarterback, but the Bears saw beyond Lynch’s arm. They saw a versatile athlete and future running back.

"I felt like running back and special teams could be my calling in the NFL," says Lynch. "Quarterback is all mental at practice, and now I have to turn on the physical side in practice and doing special teams. Always on the go."

Lynch is already used to running with the ball. He holds the record for most yards rushing in a season by a quarterback with 1,920. His experience as quarterback will certainly make this transition to running back easier.

That’s one thing I did do at Northern. I carried the ball a lot, so I kind of did some running back drills back in college days, so I studied the playbook all last night and felt very comfortable with it,: says Lynch.

As a quarterback Lynch had a lot of space to work with running on rollouts and from the shotgun. He even had 48 rushing touchdowns in his career at NIU. But now he’ll have to make that transition to a more confined running back spot.

I guess the tough thing is just some footwork drills playing running back and just trying to pick up on little things.

After day one of Bears Rookie Minicamp, Head Coach Marc Trestman said Lynch didn't look out of place at running back.

"Jordan's a real football player," says Trestman. "There's no doubt about it. So I think in day one he certainly didn't look out of place. I know he's hungry for information. He wants to know what we're going to do tomorrow yesterday. And he wants to know what we're going to do three days from now today, so he's hungry to learn."

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