Meltdown Drags Off To Roaring Start

Thousands of people are headed to Byron Dragway this weekend.

BYRON - The 8th Annual of the Vintage Meltdown Drags is off to another roaring start.

Tons of racing junkies are on hand with all over the country to take in some of the artistic automobiles all round. T.K. Thompson made the 600-mile trip from Mississippi to check the event.

"A lot of people told us about it, said they had a good time," says Thompson "So we decided to come up and check it out."

Thompson brought three cars with him including a Chrysler speedster he restored himself. He thought it would be a good idea to put me in the car so I could get a feel for the nitro engine. After putting on the safety equipment, I squeezed my six-foot three-inch frame in the car, and they let it rip.

Feeling the power of the engine was awesome, but the fuel did a good job of clearing my sinuses. While I got my first taste of drag racing, some came to relive theirs. Randy Walls, who lives in Kentucky now, raced on this very track in the 1970s. He says the Meltdown Drags makes him nostalgic.

"Yeah, that's exactly what it is," says Walls. "It really makes it nice because like I said the grass roots type racer can come out here, and have a ball. That's what it's all about. Having a good time, and staying together and such."

"It gets me nostalgic," says Thompson. "Of course being as old as I am I never could afford one until the last few years. You know growing up on a farm we didn't have cars. We had trucks."

Saturday will feature both day and night racing. Sunday racing will take place just in the day starting at 10 a.m.

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