Bears Draft Preview

LAKE FOREST-Two words sum up the Bears’ strategy for this year’s NFL Draft. Win Now.

"If there’s a better player at another position either side of the ball. We’re going to take the best player to help us win now," said Bears GM Phil Emery during a pre-draft press conference Thursday at Halas Hall.

There are six dynamic players that Emery is zeroed in on for the Bears’ 14th overall pick.

“I’d be happy if two out of the six were on the board at our pick and ecstatic if three of the six were on the board," says Emery.

This draft is heavy on offense but the Bears’ focus is on defense. Their first pick will most likely be a lineman or a safety. Emery is also considering big corners in the mid-rounds who can transition to safety.

“We’ve looked at every corner that has length as a possible safety. I continue to give them (the coaching staff) lists of players to look at their positions versatility.”

The Bears have seven picks in the draft. One in each of the first five rounds and one in the sixth round. No matter who Chicago picks, a player’s ability will go beyond basic athleticism.

“It’s not just raw athletic ability. It’s athletic ability for the game of football. The fact that they would have a big ceiling athletically helps us like the player more," says Emery.

The draft is two weeks later than normal this year and that’s given the Bears extra time to talk about the best defensive players that they can draft. But what’s on tap for this next week?

"Right now we’re in that big part of where you plan for undrafted free agents," says Emery. "A lot of thought goes into the process in trying to find interconnection with those players."

The only guarantee Emery made is that the Bears' first round pick will NOT be a quarterback. Reporting from Chicago, I’m Lauren Screeden for the Bear Blitz.

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