Bears React To Comeback Win

Chicago-For most of the game it was the same Bears team – Jay Cutler showing flashes but giving up costly turnovers and the Bears defense making big plays. But with just 10 seconds left and when the Bears looked down and out, Martellus Bennett delivered a knockout punch to the Vikings and gave the Bears the win.

“I’m like Muhammed Ali out there. I’m sweet, you know I move like a butterfly," said Bennett. "But I sting like a bee so I’m a little bit of both. You know, make a play right here, we need one and I just go out there and play.”

“He is such a good blocker that sometimes you get caught up in ‘Hey we can get three out and he can lock down a defensive end.’ He’s great at run blocking," says Cutler. "But you see him run routes and you’re like man, we gotta throw him the ball.”

Two games, two wild comebacks for the Bears. The beginning of the Trestman era has been anything except for boring. But coming out unscathed, the Bears don’t mind a little extra stress.

“You know it’s just a blur right now," says Trestman. "The play calls are just a blur right now – it’s just seeing people making plays. I’m really impressed with the guys and the way they worked today on both sides of the ball.”

“Fourth quarter, I have a lot of confidence," says Brandon Marshall. "We have Mr. 4th Quarter on our side, in our huddle, Jay Cut. And I’m just excited to have him in our huddle because he makes things so easy.”

“It’s been fun," says Cutler. "We’ve got some big dudes out there. We’ve got guys that want the ball.”

“It’s still early in the season but we’re trying to find our identity. Right now it’s a strong one, it’s a team that never quits. When you got guys like that, whatever else happens, we just go out there and play for each other.”

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