Cutler Could Be Headed For A Big Year

LAKE FOREST-A happy and healthy Jay Cutler could hold the key to the Bears 2014 season.

The Bears did their part to make Cutler happy by giving him a new long-term contract in January. Keeping him healthy won't be so easy. Cutler has been plagued by injuries throughout his five seasons with the Bears largely due to a poor offensive line that often left him battered.

"It was a hit parade back there, so it takes its toll," said Cutler following the team's minicamp workout Tuesday in Lake Forest.

Last year Cutler finally had a line that could protect him, but he still missed five games with injuries.

"Last year was last year, I mean, it was kind of two freak injuries," says Cutler. "I don't really foresee that happening again."

This offseason Cutler starting working out earlier to try to become a little bigger and stronger and more durable.

The other thing Cutler has going for him this year is he has the same head coach, the same offensive coordinator and the same offensive system that he had last year. This is the first time in six years with the Bears that he's been able to say that.

"He's been in so many different systems, but just being able to go back to back in the same environment, the same coaching environment, the same players around him, just the way we do things I think can allow him to enjoy more flexibility on the line of scrimmage," says Bears coach Marc Trestman.

"We're going into my ninth year," says Cutler. "I think this is only the second or third time I've been in the offense multiple years."

The continuity on offense with every starter back will also help. As good as the offense was last year, Cutler knows it can be better.

"We're still figuring some stuff out. We had some areas last year that we struggled in, and we weren't perfect, so we've got to keep working and keep trying to get better."

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