Cutler Mr. 4th Quarter?

Chicago-It’s his teammates who’ve been throwing around the nickname for Cutler.

"I call him Mr. 4th quarter. He’s just ice cold," says receiver Brandon Marshall.

That’s what happens when a quarterback leads his team from behind in the fourth quarter in back-to-back weeks.

"Jay distributing the ball and keeping his poise. He had moments of  adversity in this game, and he never flinched," says Marc Trestman.

In past years Cutler’s cool exterior was interpreted as him not caring and him lacking fire.  Now he’s being praised for it.

He’s just cool, calm, and collected. I think that’s a trust thing with the guys he has on the outside and the guys he has in front of him. He feels like hey we can make a play. You don’t have to stress.

"They’re gonna be as calm as I am, and I try to stay relatively calm out there especially in the fourth quarter,: says Cutler. "As long as I’m not razzled and too fired up. Right now we’re making plays when we have to make plays."

The big difference between Cutler this year and last year is this year he has an offensive line.  And he’s on the same page with the coaches when it comes to play-calling.  He’s still turnover-prone, but he's teammates leave no doubt that they believe in him.

"Jay really, he really led us man," says Marshall.

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