Lynch Adjusting To The NFL

LAKE FOREST-Jordan Lynch was the face of the NIU Huskies the past two years. Now he's simply another face in the crowd trying to win a roster spot with the Bears as he makes the switch from quarterback to running back.

Eyewitness News Sports Director Scott Leber spoke with Lynch about how it's been going during off-season OTA workouts. Here's that interview:

<Leber>I know you've been through a few OTA sessions now. Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel at home, or do you kind of feel like you're still trying to fit in here?

<Jordan Lynch, Bears Hopeful>We have most of the playbook in right now. I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable each and every day, so I'm getting more and more reps. They're starting the two spot they call it, so I'm getting more and more people reps, and I'm starting to feel at home.

<Leber>What are you doing to try to speed up your learning curve a little bit? Is it more film sessions? Are you talking to somebody? What are you trying to do?

<Lynch>Absolutely, more film sessions. You know the NFL is all about ,you know, watching film. The offense is so complex with the terminology. You know you pretty much have to live in the play book. That's what I've been doing for these first ten OTAs is just kind of living in the playbook, and learning as much as possible.

<Leber>It seems on the punt team you're playing on the interior of the line there. Is that just an experiment or is that where they're really looking at you?

<Lynch>No that's a scout team. I'm just trying to give the first team punt as good of a rep as possible and going out there and just trying to help them out.

<Leber>The guys on the team, you're making a lot of friendships and enjoying that aspect?

<Lynch>Oh yea there's ah, it's a great group of guys we have. You know, great locker room. They definitely make a practice enjoyable coming out here every day.

<Leber>What will you do between minicamp next week and training camp to again prepare yourself for Bourbonnais?

<Leber>Just work out as much as possible. Study the film. Come up here every once in a while probably catch some passes and you know just try to learn the playbook as much as possible. That's the only way you're going to do good on the field is if you know what you're doing so.

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