Indy Carb Day Has A Little Of Everything

Indianapolis, IN-Fans were out in bunches at the Indy Motor Speedway Friday. What do they like about Carb Day?

"The thrill, the chill, the people, the sound, the music," says racing fan Michael Hopson.            

Fans like Hopson really dressed for the occasion.

"I got a little Mardi Gras, kind of like Indy Gras. I put a little super fan logo in there to blend it in."

Friday is one big party at IMS.

"Something magical about Indy, the month of May, the city, the state transforms into something amazing," says racing fan Chris McCormick. 
Drivers will tell you it's about the teams in Indy-Car. And Carb Day highlights the drivers' supporting cast, putting on a show for fans in the pit stop competition.

"I just didn't want to screw it up. It's nerve-wracking," says Pit Stop Challenge winner Scott Dixon.              

Scott Dixon and Team Ganassi were better than Sage Karam's team in the final.

The winner takes home a check for 50-thousand dollars.

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