Pec's Season Over Too Soon 10/15/12

Pecatonica, Illinois-When the high school football regular season wraps up Friday night many seniors will be taking the field one final time. But at Pecatonica High School the seniors won't get that final chance to put on the pads.

Pecatonica will forfeit it's game Friday to Galena. It'll be the third straight game that the Indians have forfeited.

"This is my 19th season and we've never been through this circumstance before," says head coach Brett Federick to WTVO.

The Indians have only eight players total sophomores through seniors who could suit up Friday. The team began the season with only 29 players. Injuries and ineligibilities kept chipping away at the roster. Coaches and administrators knew they couldn't finish out the season and jeopardize the safety of their players.

"So we had to make an unfortunate decision, bit it was in the best interest of our young men to do so," says Frederick. "They weren't pleased, no one should. They have have been , but I think they understand."

Senior Jay Greene is one of the many injured Pecatonica players. He broke a hand three weeks ago. He isn't happy about the way his senior year has ended, but he's not completely surprised.

"It was kind of expected by us because so many guys were hurt and weren't getting any better with brokens hands, fingers and concussions," says Greene.

In the six games that Pecatonica did play, the Indians were outscored 305-22.

There are more than enough male students at Pecatonica to field a football team, so why are the numbers so low?

"All I ask is our young men to give us all they have, and there's very few at this point that want to make that commitment," says Frederick.

At the moment next season is also up in the air...there are only six juniors and four sophomores who came out for football this year. But there are football players at the lower levels.

"The good news is we have good things coming," says Frederick. "We have a freshmen group of double digit players and a tremendous number of players at the middle school level."

This Friday night was supposed to be Senior Night at Pecatonica. There will be a freshman-sophomore game played there that night. At the time the senior football players will be recognized.

"It'll give us more than anything a chance to recognize the put that jersey on and walk across that field one last time with their parents," says Frederick. "It's a chance for a proper sendoff."

"It does mean a lot," says Greene. "I played here all four years. To get a sendoff from the coaches and for the program it would be pretty nice."



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