Ready For Takeoff 12/25/12

DeKalb, Illinois-By Wednesday night the NIU Huskies will be settled into South Florida.  They'll fly out of the Rockford airport Wednesday morning shortly before 8 a.m. bound for Miami.  In one week they'll play in the Orange Bowl against Florida State.

This will be the fifth straight year that the Huskies have been to a bowl game. But after going to places like Shreveport, Toronto, and Boise, Miami should feel like paradise.  And there will be a lot more events happening in South florida surrounding the team such as a beach party.

Coach Rod Carey wants his guys to strike that balance of having a good time while also staying focused on trying to win a football game.

"This is a reward.  That's the other part of this. We're going to let them be kids, but they know they are responsible for themselves, and the spotlight is on and the spotlight is bigger than it's been for us," says Carey.  "We've been talking about that nonstop. They're going to be responsible. I'm going to help them be responsible, but they're going to enjoy it too."

Eyewitness news will have three reporters in Miami over the next week providing exclusive coverage of the Huskies on WTVO 17 and on Fox 39 from the practice field to the beach party and other events involving the team and the fans.

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