Rochelle Preview 8/15/12

Rochelle, Illinois-The Hubs have made the playoffs 13 of the last 14 years. When one senior class graduates the next class simply steps it up.

"We tell the seniors every year it's the coaches' program, but it's the seniors' year," said head coach Kevin Crandall to WTVO. "So we really count on the seniors to decide how they want that year to go."

"We're a small class, but we're a really tough class, and a lot of us have been dedicated all summer," said senior lineman Luke Meadows.

This year's senior class is smaller than typical Rochelle senior classes have been, but these guys are determined to carry on the Hubs' tradition.

"We put a lot of effort into going through all summer a lot of lifting, and coming out here and giving our best," said Meadows. "It's just a lot of pride."

Regardless of what type of senior class Rochelle has it appears that Crandall knows how to get the most of them.

Crandall has 128 career wins coming into this season, something that gives his players confidence on the field.

"It gives us a lot of confidence," said tightend/linebacker Tyler Vogeler. "A lot of confidence in our coach and in the plays he calls, and that we can rely on him for good plays."

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