Rock River Multisport First Meeting

Rockford- A new, unconventional type of sports club had its first meeting Saturday, March 29. Rock River Multisport does not just appeal to solely runners or bikers but to athletes who are trying to improve their overall endurance. That includes any type of activity or race that someone is training to compete in. The club welcomes all types of triathletes and at all levels.

“Rock River Multisport was created with focus of brining like-minded endurance athletes together for not only training but also to broaden the scope of our community,” says Tim Goodwin, Vice President of Rock River Multisport.

“I came to get renewed interest in working out again. I used to be an avid cyclist many years ago. This is a chance to start working out with a group again and find motivation that I lost years ago,” said Brian Konopa, Rock River Multisport member.

Rock River Multisport will be involved in hosting and participating in upcoming Stateline races.

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