Super Tuesday For Soccer Girls

ROCKFORD- It's a tough call. Do you attend your high school graduation ceremony or the biggest soccer game of your life?  Both events were supposed to happened at six p.m. Tuesday for four Rockford Christian girls, Brooke Jerie, Haley Kittle, Lindsay Roegner and Sydnie Smith.
Last Saturday Rockford Christian won a thrilling Sectional Championship game over Stillman Valley 2-1 in a game that came down to a shootout.

"It's probably the greatest feeling in the world. We have worked so hard to get to this point," says  Rockford Christian senior Sydnie Smith.

This is the first time Rockford Christian has made it to the Super-Sectionals in girls soccer. And now with a trip to State on the line they say there is no way they are going to miss this next game, even if it means having to miss graduation.

"It's Super-Sectionals to go to State, so it's worth it," says senior Haley Kittle.

Fortunately it won't come down to that. Rockford Christian's opponent at the Hinkley Big Rock Super-Sectional Elmhurst Immaculate Conception has agreed to move the game up on hour to five o'clock. And Rockford Christian administrators have moved graduation back from six o'clock to 7:30. So in a four hour window it'll be a whirlwind for these girls.

"The girls are going to have to just rush from the game straight back," says Rockford Christian soccer coach Kevin Obee.

So during the game will their minds will be on the game and not on graduation?

"Oh yea, of course," says Kittle. "There's nothing we can do about it to graduate until after the game anyway, so we might as well take care of business and make it worth while."

"I definitely think we can keep it together," says Smith. "We can do both. It's just going to be even better. More motivation because once we get done with that game we get to go have the best, you know, the next best experience we can have."

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